Sunday, August 12, 2007

All Aboard!

NANUQ of Alaska-

All Aboard for the Diamond for the Princess Cruise! Bye Bye Anchoridge! But before I go.....a photo shoot please.....=)


Mr David said...

you look gorgeous. Maybe you should invest in a larger skirt if you are feeling the cold. :)

waffle45 said...

Cara mia...
Ach! You look so much prettier than the models on that website! They all look...oddly...odd. What is with the herion addict look? Or is it frostbite?
Did you get to keep the hats?
Miss you,
Love you,
Come home soon!
Luv yur mum

Apps said...

hahaha yes i swear it didnt look like you i had to mentally take away the 'dark smouldering eyes' and TADAH! there you were!

how cool!

i'm minding the shop today so i'll catch up on cara adventures to keep me busy! I'm going to Dubai in nov is my only good news! =)

Apps said...

Hey Cara - r u still doing/done the Marmott photo shoot? Hey when you say 'Mr Randall' do you mean... Tanner (and he insists you call him Mr Randall!!) or his dad?!
sounds like you're having an awesome time =o)

Apps said...

Hrm yes re-read mr randall -- i gettit now!

I just cracked up at the thought of calling 18yo 'Mr' ohh dear this is why i failed in france i couldnt stand using VOUS ;)

Anonymous said...

Got to agree with Dave on the looking gorgeous comment... And your mother with respect to you having it over the other models on the site... *goes red* lol

However I don't know what he was thinking when he came if with the larger skirt idea :-P

If you hadn't guessed I have proper internet now! yay! so I will accually read your blog now :-D

Catch ya later


Anonymous said...

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