Thursday, January 12, 2006

Things to ponder....

So yesterday I bought yet another phone card and called Simone in Italy. She did not sound busy this time and gave me Shaggy's number and her friend Cristina’s number who apparently wants to rent her living room. I called Shaggy immediately and ask if I found my own accommodation did I have a job. He said yes. I called Cristina...not home. I tried again last night. She sounds very nice and he English is pretty good! We spoke about me coming to stay and I now have accommodation in Turin! She lives 5 minutes from the Irish Igloo and wrote me the following email this morning:

‘Hello Cara,
I live in Sestriere, 5 minutes by walk from IGLOO, my house it's not so big, there is one room with a little kitchen and a bathroom. I have a twin bed, no pets, no children. Don't worry if you finish to work so late, sometimes I work late too. When I get up in the morning you can sleep, don't worry.
About the price it's ok € 300,00 for the month of february,if you arrive 27 th January the price it's the same.
I hope to see you soon.
Regards Cristina’

This price is really cheap for the Olympic period! People are asking crazy amounts of money out there! I think the phrase "I have a twin bed" is slightly interesting as it almost implies that we will be buking down together, however I have written for clairification and remember folks English is not her first language. What if that’s what she means? No...she couldn't could she? How do I feel about that? Can you rent half of your bed? What about a quarter or an eighth? Lol… interestingly rediclous! Hehe... I'd like to make some rediclous (and sassy) comment to go with this rediclous "I've slept around in my time"...or how about "I've shared a lot of beds in my time'....'but never been offered to rent half of someone elses! but I won't make that comment!

I left a message for Shaggy last night saying I have accommodation. I called at midday today but there was no answer. Will try again tonight. I am unsure about the pay and the hours. When I spoke to him before I got the impression that the work was 6 nights a week but only 14 hours. That’s 2.33333 hours a night? Before the Olympics I don’t think I will be working that much and would like to see some of Italy on my free days or weekends or whatever. I do not want to be working 3 hours every night or sorry 2.3 hours every night preventing me from traveling. If I am not working very much I will need to find more work while I am there as an English tutor, babysitter etc…maybe even a second job in a café or something (although as with all seasonal work no one wants you full on until the bus period and then both places would want me at once)!


Anonymous said...

Yay for finding accomodation, hmm renting half a bed seems interesting-but hey if that is all you can get you dont have a lot of choice.

hmmm-6 days a week working 2-3 hours a night seems a bit intersting, hopefully it will work out better-but at least you can see some of the local area during the day

I start my training for the commonweath games on Friday-they are saying how well we will know our jobs, and how efficient we will be-so good at giving information, but they give us one day of training for our roles-2 months before the games. How am i supposed to remember everything

Love Rhiannon

Daddy said...

I would make sure that there is a sofa. Maybe she has two twin beds? How old is this person? Sounds like it could work out ok. It would be nice to now your schedule. I wonder if you would get tips?


Clairess said...

I do have a distinct memory about telling you off for top and tailing in your bed with a boy who was clearly in love with you, but you did not reciprocate his feelings. This could become a very similar situation.

I'm sure that it will be fine but if not, just kick them out by claiming you have a bad back and need the whole mattress to ease the pain!! It works like a gem!!


Cara Bradley said...

Sounds like you need some flash cards (my favourite) Rhiannon! You get carry maps and things like that with you right?...make those pamphlets work for you I say! I do get tips Daddy and I do not know how old she is, about 30 I suspect. Thanks for the back pain excuse Claire! Brilliant! You're right that is a gem you little schemer you!

Émilie said...
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Émilie said...

Bonjour Cara,

merci du message que tu as laissé sur mon blogue. Je suis surprise de voir que quelqu'un que je ne connais pas le lisait! Je croyais que seuls mes amis et ma famille allaient y jeter un coup d'oeil!

About de twin bed, I wouldn't worry too much if I were in your shoes, because if it's like in French there are simple beds which are tiny, twin beds, which are a bit larger, but still just for one person, double bed, which are for two, queen beds and king beds. So no worries, I don't think you'd sleep in the same bed as the person. Although... when you travel, you never really know what you're gonna get, hmm? I know what I'm talking about! ;-)
Cheer a bit for Canada for me in Turin please!

Apps said...

Hey cara!!!!
glad to know that things worked out with shaggy, as this last blog wouldve worried me! sharing a bed! surely not! lol you could have probably found some spare mattelas or something!
I had fun this weekend doing breakky/lunch, thanks so much for being so cool about me showing ppl round ur appartment! muchly appreciated!
turin sounds like fun! and even if youre not paid much, you wouldnt need that much money anyway!! the 300 you were considering spending on rent can be your extra spending money and your none the less off!
Plus! use your beautiful long hair and outgoing personality to your advantage: huuundreds of euro in tips lol!!

Emily said...

Hey Cara!
I'm glad you found some accomodation - i think the "twin" bed might be worthing double checking but i sounds odd that somone would sell the other half of their bed!!

It's sad your days in Lyon are coming to an end but time for a new advenute eh?

Speaking of I'm trying to orgnaise accomodation and work in London - hopefully i will get part time work so i can stay longer and also visit you in Italy!(three in a bed could be cozy...ha ha)

I'm freaking out with so much stuff to do but I'm excited all the same! Could you email me the dates your going to be in Italy (once you know...)
Take care HUGS EM

amy said...

Thats awesome that things are working out re accommodation, even though it may be abit cosy!! the atmosphere should be great with all the athletes and tourists etc. but working such short shifts could be pretty annoying, when u get there im sure ul be able to work out something that suits everyone, u particularly.