Friday, January 06, 2006

Not such good news!

Received a letter from Shaggy today:

Hi Cara
I am afraid I have been unable to find accommodation for you at the moment, and until I can there is no job available as all my other accommodation is full up.
I am sorry for the lateness of me letting you know, but I have been looking everywhere for you and another girl.

However, I will call my family friend in Italy tonight and see if she knows anyone...friends, relatives, family friends, friend's relatives, co-workers...anyone (okay not anyone but ya know)! I REALY REALLY REALLY want this job...hope it's good if I get it in the end! 'Never give up! Never surrender!' Keep you posted. Otherwise, if job I will meet up with my friend Lisa (from Melbourne uni) in either Lyon or Italy.

I spent all day studying with Collene and yesterday studied with Appley! Exam tomorrow on Art Contemp at 8am...YUCK!


Daddy said...

I hope that you can find accomdations in Italy. Maybe you can offer a small rent? Good luck on the exam. Is is possible to talk to this Shaggy on the phone. It might be faster.

Good luck on the exam.


Anonymous said...

The quest for accommodation is within the realms of your galaxy - haha ! You will undoubtably find something Cara given your resourceful nature.

Hope all goes well for the exam - good luck


kristel said...

hey mon ami,
i hope that ur exam goes well lovely =) and i agree with patrick. you will def find something in the end! go team you!
love kris

Cara Bradley said...

I am glad everyone is so confident...I think it is rubbing off! I am in the computer room after my exam looking on the net for accmodation for Sestiere!