Friday, January 06, 2006

Just finished my Art Contemp exam!

Hey y'all (there is that deeply hidden bit of American coming out)!

I just finished my Histoire l'Art Contemporaine exam! 1 down, 2 to go! I chose the topic 'L'évolution de l'architecture française de 1815 à 1900'(the evolution of French architecture during 1815 à 1900) and proceeded to spill out all kinds of random names and dates of French painters, scultpers, architects from the Romantic (David, Winckleman, Flaxman, Canova, Baltard), Neo-Classic (David d'Anges, François Rude, Préault, Barye, Hittorff), Industial (Hector Horeau) and at the end Art Nouveau (Horta, Guimard). I would have liked to do something about Impressionisme, Neo-Impressionisme, Post-Impressionisme, Expressionisme et Symbolisme because those are my favourite movements but the other topic was a bit too broad (as I am sure you will agree) for my liking: 'La place du réalisme dans les différents courants de la peinture française au XIXe siècle' (The place of realisme in the different movements in French painting in the 19th century).

So yeah, going to look for accmodation in Sestriere and then go home, collapse and study Art Plastique (Fine Arts) as tomorrow I am meeting with my friend Bekki (England) to revise. I am sitting the exam next week sometime as it is schuduled for the 19th but that was too late as I am going to Turin right? Right! Bye for now!


Mr David said...

Go team Cara!

Good luck with the accomodation! Things always turn up at the last minute for you! You'll be fine!


Daddy said...

Hello! Wow all those french art terms! I would not know how to begin to spell them. Are these written exams with multiple choice or essay? Could they be verbal?

I hope that you find something in Italy. Let us all know!


Cara Bradley said...

Fingers crossed Dave! All the exams are written- essay format. There are no multiple choice or verbal for me but I am sure they exist. =) Gotta go study Art Plastique (Fine Arts)

Mr David said...

Plastic Art? :)