Friday, January 27, 2006


Cara has left Lyon
Cara is in Sestriere, Italy near Turin.
Cara's new mob no: 334 8170652 (add country code 39)


Clay said...

Thank You! We are all thinking of you. Please be careful the olympics are an international event that draw the attention of the world. When working do not pick up or go near any packages, backpacks, or suitcases that someone may have left around or behind in the pub or work. Keep your eyes open.


Clairess said...

wow, your dad's a little paranoid but probably smart.
Life is far too short to be worrying about people trying to kill you. Hope life is treating you well and those italians arn't driving you insane. I hear they are quite mental. Currently looking for a second job and people have so far been extremely rude. I have sent out a thousand emails to all sorts of companies and I am yet to hear from any one and it's been a week. i don't want a interveiw (well i do) but really i would be happy with an acknowledgement. hot as hell here but i think i thunder storm is about to hit. I can smell it in the air.

Okay i'm really hungry, so I will love you and leave you.


Dave's Dad said...

Hi Cara,

Sooo, that's it?? No news, no photos? It would be nice to see your smiley face in some picturesque spot...

Hot as hades here ( assuming hades is greater than 37 degrees C) but change has come.. Only 33C tomorrow.. Yahooh!

Hope you are safe. Thanks for looking after my boy.


Cara's Mom & Pat said...


We miss you, you have been away too long and time is going too slowly.
Love mom

Anonymous said...

Hey yay for the next stage of your adventure-im sure your glad uni is finished.

Never trust Melbourne uni, they kicked me out of both my subjects because there wasnt room in them, and then 2 weeks before the camps offer me spots in both-im sorry but i wont be back at uni second semester with you as *fingers crossed* i will have finished, but i still plan to graduate together

i am currently looking for new jobs, and if all goes to plan i hope to get a full time postiton woring with my mum-dont know if that is a good thing or not but the full time work would be great.

Hope to hear what your up to soon, i will let you know about Thailand, if i get a job i prob wont b able to come-sorry

Love rhiannon

Mr David said...

Italy! how cool! with your mix of French and English it seems you'll be able to figure out a fair bit of Italian! Enjoy the games!!

Apps said...

hey cara, looks like you in the no contact zone
trying to find out what to do with your 2 boxes of stuff, i havent heard from Alisa, and i dont have her details
if you would like me to send it, i need your address in australia, and need to know how you can pay???

Gigi said...

Hey, it's great to hear about your ongoing exciting adventures abroad!! How great to hear you'll be experiencing the Winter Olympics. I worked at the 1980 Winter Olympics and it was one of the most memorable, fun experiences of my life! Every time the games come around again, I wish I could be there all over! You'll never forget it... have fun!
Jon and I will be in Paris for my winter break later this month. Can't wait. Wish you were still in France but I see you can't possibly stay in one place for long. Plan to visit NYC & NJ sometime soon (and bring your mom) after you've covered the rest of the globe, of course! Take care! Hope to see a more detailed update on your blog soon!

Emily said...

Hey Cara!
Hopefully we can catch up somewhere in Italy then! I hope all goes well with the job and accomodation - I'm not having much luck on this end but oh well i'm enjoying being o holidays far too much!
Hopefully see you soon!