Monday, January 02, 2006

Cara is returning to period is over!

I return to Lyon tonight. My train leaves at 8pm. I get into Strasbourg France at 5:55am and will take another train to Lyon. Bus it home from Lyon Part Dieu station. Anna left about an hour ago for the snow. Her parents headed off acouple of days ago and she decided spontaneously to go too. So I am going to go say goodbye and thank you to her Grandmother, visit her friend Myrium who lives around the corner and then head off to Westbanhoff station later! xoxoxox


Daddy said...

Happy New Year Cara!!!! Have a safe and comfortable trip back to Lyon. I has been raining a lot here and the Russian river has flooded again. It happens every five years or so....who knows global warming maybe having an affect.


Mr David said...

Happy new year! Sounds like a wonderful NYE for you! Can't beat fireworks from a vineyard overlooking Vienna!!

How did you go buying stuff and conversing in German?

Anonymous said...

Cara- I would be 'green with envy' if I weren't so happy for you to have this grand adventure---read every word of your Holiday fun with enjoyment--you are really quite the world traveler!!!
Continue letting all your friends know about your adventures--glad you have another camera- will look forward to more pics...Happy New Year from your cuz in Texas, Pat

claire said...

Back to Lyon so soon??? I think places like Vienna need at least a week or so explore properly.

Weather has cooled down slightly and is now tolerable. Grandma and Grandad are leaving today and i'm going to miss them so much but I have also decided to spend next Christmas with thm in England. Very excited!!! still working heaps of hours but at least the pay is good.

Good luck with your exams.

claire bear

Cara Bradley said...

Hey DADDY, I suppose my trip back to Lyon was safe but it was NOT in anyway comfortable! DAVE, almost everyone in Austria speaks English and when they say they speak a little it is much much better then my 'little' German. I think your NYE is close to beating mine...NY!!!! See you soon! Hi PAT in Texas! Great to hear from you!!!! I will try to put some photos up today! HI CLAIRE, awww...Xmas in England this year huh? Nice! I spent a total of 10 days in Vienna but I was slack so the blog probably didnt show that!