Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Roll Up! Roll Up! Cara's latest:

Okay, so that title suggests more excitment then is possible but it worked right!

Cara's current activities:
-I am studying...wow!
-Jogging almost everyday even though it is SOOOO cold! However, it does take the sting off showers! lol...a good side to everything!
-Trying to soak up more of Lyon before I leave.
-Looking for accmodation in Itay but to be honest don't quite know what to do. Called Simone and asked her to help but I an worried as she seems very busy with work.
-Preparing to leave Lyon...=(
-Schuelded our going away party for Jan 14th at the Smoking Dog (English pub almost next door to our house) and a going away dinner with special people for Jan 13th!
- Appley, a fellow Melbournian has contacted our landlord and will be taking over our apartment at the end of January.
-Yesterday, Appley came by with a possible house mate to show her our place. I think it put things in perspective for Ben and I. Afterwards we went shopping for some souvenirs and started putting things in boxes to send home....scary! We are calling everything books as it is cheaper.
-I put up a sign today and randomly talked to 2 new American students who are interested in buying my stuff- phone, sim card, lap top, bike, cultural pass for tickets in Lyon.
-Cara is going to Andy's tonight for a 'fondue experiemnt' and has to leave now before she is late!

Other news hot off the presses:
-Emily Standsfield Smith is coming to Europe and will arrive in London on March 23rd!
-Rhiannon is seriously looking at coming to Thailand!
-Kristel is also seriously looking at coming to Thailand (assuming her Nursing clinicals are not on at the same time....everyone cross your fingers....and toes)! Jump on the bandwagon anyone who is reading this and NOT currently considering soming to Thailand! It's cheap and close to Australia!


Anonymous said...

Wow Cara, remember me! I didn't know you were doing all these
art subjects, Im very jealous. Does the fine arts subject exam
involve painting or making art of some kind, im intrigued. It
feels weird that you are doing exams at this time of year, how
bazaar! And are you writing essays in French cos if you are
thats bloody amazing!!! Oh btw check your email if you havent
already. Have an awesome time in Italy and good luck for your
other exams!"
Amy Wallis

Anonymous said...

Hey Cara,
Just giving you a heads up to check your email. I'm in florence and am trying to extend my trip. Have free internet at the place we are staying. Will be here for another night.
Congrats on finishing the art exam.

blue said...

Kristel has also made me seriously consider going to Thailand - damn her and her subliminal persuasiveness!

I don't know either if I'll be available since I know nothing about my school timetable as yet, but we'll have to see. (Provided you want me to come that is... ;]).

You're studying? What is this 'studying' you speak of? I think I'm going to get a shock to the system when I start my course.

Our new dog is doing great, we brought her home today. She and Neo are running around the house like made things. The general consensus for a name is 'Trinity' to go with the Matrix theme. I thought that'd make you happy anyway :p.

Daddy said...

Sounds like a lot is on the table. It must be really sad to leave your home in Lyon. Any chance you can go back later after Italy or the rest of Europe?


Cara Bradley said...

Hi Amy! Great to hear from you! hahaha! Will check the email Lisa...fingers crossed! Thailand for you too Blue! Awesome! The more the merrier! And I think Trinity is a great name! A perfect pair! It is a bit sad to leave Lyon. I guess the good thing is I am too busy trying to organise things (especially the Italy job) to worry too much! I may come back here and visit all my friends for a weekend if I get the job in Turin as it is only a train ride away and I am sure I could stay with some of my friends while visiting!

kristel said...

THAILAND!! yay! lol..
hello mon ami..
i am coming to thailand.. providing i can sweet talk my way out of any possible exams or clinicals that cld stop me.. and i am inviting everyone i kno!!
(blue come to thailand!!)
it would be awesome.. im trying to persuade kenny to come.. not sure if its working tho.. (blue come to thailand).. lol
cant believe that ur time in lyon is nearly up! that went so fast!!
love u
love kris =)

Cara Bradley said...

Hey Krissie baby! Kenny! you have to come! Without a doubt!

Clairess said...

hey, honey!!! i love that subject choice. When you get back we can talk about the role that avant-garde artists played the the rising of anarchism and socialism at the turn of the Century by moving towards naturalism and realism in terms of subject matter. how exciting!!!

wow, sometimes I surprise myself with my levels of nerdiness. in the process of organising passports (australian and british) and my american visa (have i ever been a member of a terrorist organisation or the nazi party???)

I got so excited that we may be able to catch up in america. Please let me know if you ahve any further details.

Love you

Apps said...

hey Cara,
when you going to Thailand?!
maybe i could come too!!!
provided its like June and I like..; find a job and all that!
mwahaha tempting :-)