Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ugly Bon Voyage Party- A Wild Success!

The Unsightly Contestants:

Atrocious Men:

The Mens Dace off

first place-, second place-

Distasteful Women:

first place-, second place-

"You're a monkey! You're a monkey!"...looking terribly ugly!

Cara and her Dad....looking just hideous!

Hil and Paul doing what they do best with one another... and all the while looking shocking!

And of course through it all.....the music....oh, I will miss the music!

The potluck started at 5:30....but no one was there yet. I was madly preparing fruit salad and other creations in the kitchen when my cousin Ben and his wife Haiete arrived. They were follwed by Vanessa and her culinary savvy friend X. Vanessa and I dawned our haineous gowns whileBen and X making wedges in the kitchen. The guests started to arrive and the table became filled with delicious food. So much food I thought we'd never eat it. Sushi, chips, artisan bread, french cheese

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