Friday, February 27, 2009

Readjusting to Oz, baby steps.

I have been slowly and surely getting things accomplished.

Monday I arrived.

Tuesday I went into the city and got Orientated. I signed up for classes and bought a concession card for the train.

Wednesday I unpacked my suitcases, got my bike down from the garage roof and found it to have flat tyres and no pump.

Yesterday (Thurs) , I went to my Orientation session at RMIT and learned more about the equipment...tricky business. On the way home to Camberwell to my bank (Vic teach credit union- gives back to the community) and got my card activated. I pumped up my bike tyres and got out the shelving for my desk which I can't put up for lack of essential dowels and prongs.

Today I went into my Mum's chocie shop with her and worked for a few hours foiling chocolates. Then I came home and talked to my Nana re:Hawaii flight and holiday etc... I found out I am in trouble on that one because my family goes to Hawaii July 20th and that is the day my school re-starts. I thought I had it all worked out but apparently not. So now I have to chat to my teachers and see if I can miss some classes to go to the USA for USA Summer 2009.

The I saw my best friend Kristel for the first time since being home. She is great! I saw her house and the cutest Burmese kitten ever (they are beautiful cats...when I get a cat I want one!). Together we fixed my horrid facebook (I had invites and rubbish everywhere) and now I am printing of scholarship applications for RMIT.

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Clay said...

It must be nice to be home. I miss you here, it is hard to believe that you are there! Work hard in school and learn all the techicals. Daddy