Monday, February 23, 2009

There is no place like home- Back to Oz!


So I departed San Fran at 12:15pm on Saturday, Feb 21st . I met my grandparents in LA for a stroll by the marina and then a surprise dinner with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin Kaylen! The it was back to the airport for an 8pm flight to Auckland, then layover, then onto Melbourne! I arrived in Melbourne at 9:40am on Monday, Feb 23rd! Time flies when you'e having fun!

I think I have been up for about 48 hours...
I think I am delusional!

Last night when I was finally trying to go to sleep I realized that I should check my University email because I someone mentioned that a University orientation session. And sure enough, that's where I was today! Exhausted. I met the first year course co-coordinator and signed up for subjects to get a good timetable giving me Thursday off. I managed to avoid the Saturday classes (not good seeing as I will be commuting 45 mins into the city).

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