Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coming Home Party!

I am back in Oz and my Mum is throwing me a Coming Home Party!

Here is the invite! Call me at home (mobile not working yet) if you can come!

Invitation for _________________________to the
Wippern Family & Friends
Pool Party & BBQ
Patrick & Jan’s House Saturday 28th Feb 2009 4pm RSVP ASAP !
62 Keith Street, Parkdale FAQ 9533 1575
• Please come dressed in pool attire. Thongs, boardies, bathers, goggles, towel, sunnies, sunscreen, hat (YES- it’s a fancy dress party, as we don’t own a pool!)
• Invited Guests only- sorry no accomplices (bring beer instead!)
• Bring any specialty drinks you may want- we’ll do basic drinks + meats etc. (REAL vegetarians may bring their own fake meat soy thingy).
• If you want to play Mario Karts- bring your wheel !
• YES- our pets (cats & dogs) will be there too. If you’re allergic, please take an antihistamine before you come! (some of our best friends are dogs!)
• Friends with kids might want to consider bringing lawn toys or something for them to do! We’re old and only have grown up toys.
• YES- Everyone is bringing something! Please bring: ______________

Welcome Cassie and Michelle! Hands down best costumes! Love the flippers ladies!

"Let hear it for the boys. Lets give the boys a haa-aa-aa-aand'

Cara and her Mum with Lucy, Bronte and CAKE! 

The kids!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Honey

Wish I could come. Have lots of fun.

Love you