Sunday, May 25, 2008

Off we go on our road trip! To infinity and beyond!

Today Cara, Patrice, Brain and the two Frenchies are off to Modesto!

Tomorrow we will be in Mammoth lakes on the backside of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and by Monday we aim to be in the Grand Canyon!

Look out world! Here we come!

So far we estimate:
We will be driving 3,704 miles over 3 and 1/2 weeks with a total driving time of 68hrs, 38mins
Total gas is estimated to cost $731.66!



Mr David said...

'Gas' must have got more expensive in the US!

Hope you have an amazing time, I want to see the Grand Canyon too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for calling. I began to look at the planned route and it is wrong!!! Do not go north at kingman towards the Havasupai Reservation, that is wrong. Stay on 40 and go east all the way to Williams. That is the town with the neon signs that we were in. The mapping program has it wrong, you need to go to Williams and take 64 north to the canyon.

Love Daddy

Mr David said...

Is Brain going to bring Pinky with him?