Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 4: Grand Canyon, AZ to St George, UT

Goodbye lovely Grand Canyon!

On the Open Road! The bananas got too cold, thanks to desert nights, and now they wont we will make them ripen! Muwahaha!

The Grand Escalade National Monument Area...these bizarre rock formations are called toadstools....we like them!

And over yonder hill from the toadstools is this AMAZING view! 
'Owow!' as the French gals say!

Ending the day with shopping madness at Smith's, St George, UT. 
Our CS hosts for the night live in St George....tomorrow we head to Zion!  


melissa b said...

beautiful pics hun, as always. :D. so my mom was wondering what kind of camera you have? hope your trip is fabulous! --melissa b.

Mr David said...

Hey you!

I forgot to tell you that my parents are in Verona!