Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Road Trip Car!! Road Trip Cara!!

I bought my first car! For my road trip! Want to come?

Interested in a Summer road trip?

Looking for fun, energetic, happy, traveling kind-o-people interested in doing a summer road trip! 2 spots left in the car unless you want to convoy along in your own car….that sounds fun too! (if you have a car or know of one, let us know).

Come for the whole trip or just part of the way! We are somewhat flexible with dates.

DEPARTING from Santa Rosa, CA on May 24th to June 16th (3 and ½ weeks):

Mojave Desert, Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest in AZ, painted Desert, Monument Valley, Capitol Reef NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Zion NP, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone, Grand Teton NP, Devils tower, Badlands NP, Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Jewel Cave Nat Monument. END in Denver!

After Denver the trip could continue….but we are starting with small steps. Lets just plan this one first!

COSTS: Share costs equally…budget travel style.
ACCOMMODATION: possibly some camping and staying with friends/within a network.

Call/Write ASAP if interested…ask us about alternative dates, routes, stops…we’re keen! We can chat about what you’re looking for and see if we fit!


Mr David said...

You're very cute. What car is that? I don't recognise it..... It looks in very good condition!

Sounds like a great trip! Wish I had a spare 3 weeks at the moment!

Mark D said...

Hopefully at some point our paths meet at least for a little bit!

Anonymous said...

LOL. well done! u finally got a car! Steve got a new car the other day.. now he is on his 4th car.. he loves cars! Im starting my midwifery in july hopefully.. ur planning another trip hey?! what are u going to do with urself for the rest of 2008?
love kris =)

Anonymous said...

Come visit Danny and I in Jamestown, ND!!!

We would love to see you :)

Jolandi Kerstetter said...

Haha, a road trip immediately after buying your first car? Sounds awesome. It's best to test out the car first to see how far it can go, but there is a charm in diving head-first into an adventure. Well, whatever it is, I hope you had an awesome road trip!

Maria Wegner said...

Wow! That's pretty cool if you ask me! So, what happened in your road trip? Were in the middle of the summer season right now, are you planning on having a road trip again after these past 2 years? by the way, who filled up the last 2 seats in your car?