Saturday, September 30, 2006

Claire's letter


Today's BBQ went well (pictures soon). People turned up (that's always a start) and we sat in sunny shade in the great outdoors on picnic rugs! Two great social achievements were seeing David, a friend form uni who I have not seen since we both deaprted on exchnage, he was in Virginia while I was in France and my good friend Ben who was my housemate in Lyon. Seeing him was great and he came bearing French cheese, Comte, oh the memories, oh the cheeeese!!!

The weather was amazing! Perfect! Our warmest day yet in this fast approaching summery weather I think! Couldn't have ordered better weather myself! I can't wait until I can sit outside, guilt free and not thinking I should be studying the replication cycle of polio or learning how the Adenovirus protein assembles...very useful for later on in life I am sure you will agree!

I will leave you with a letter I received from my dear friend Claire who was a teacher at Camp America and is at this moment discovering other parts The States. She will soon head off to Europe and she wrote me the following which I thought I would share. To me it is beautiful and cherished:

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to reply, but the last 3 weeks have been spent crossing this BEAUTIFUL country, so far I have seen many broadway shows, ridden on the maid on the mist at niagara falls , visited art galleries and blues bars in chicago, went horse back riding on the badlands at sunset, visited both yellowstone and yosemite national parks, taken a thousand photos on the corn palace (in north dakota) seen Mt rushmore and the crazy horse monument, slow danced with a cowboy in Jackson hole Wyoming and saw my first snow fall. I am now sitting in a bar/internet cafe in San Francisco!!!!

Cara, you come from an incredible country!!!!!! The people are amazing, generous and kind and I have never seen such beauty in my entire life. I miss you like crazy and think on you every single day.

Love you, Claire bear

Nice hey? Goodnight. Sweet dreams of the wide world and it beauty,
Cara =)

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Daddy said...

I thought that you have already seen Bed ad Dave? Is this another Dave? anyway I am glad that your picnic was a sucess! Those proteins are important if you are going to save the world!!! Your friend Claire sounds so nice! I wish that I could have showed her around Sonoma County.