Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Photo from a friend!

My freind Ivan, whom I met on my flight from Zagreb (Crotaia's capital) to Hamberg (Northern Germany) and who kindly showed me the best parts of Hannover (south of Hamberg, has just finished cycling around Croatia with his brother! He took this photo for me! I love it! =) It's fabulous!


Daddy said...

Good photo! Is this the same town that you went through before?


Cara Bradley said...

No, the one I visited had punctuation under the 'C' meaning that it really wasnt pronounced Cara....this is the real thing!

bree said...

he looks hot cara!! you lucky thing!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh to have so many towns/places named after you.

YAY, I finally get to see a photo of Ivan, I have heard so much about him!!!

Love Rhiannon

Anonymous said...

that's very cute :)
- michelle xx