Monday, October 02, 2006

The exam timetable is out!

Cara's last exam as an undergraduate science student! BIG OHH YAY!

526-314 Medical Microbiology: Viruses Tue 21 NOV 9:30 a.m.
REB Rathdowne 3 hrs 15 mins

YAYAYAYAY!!!! Celebrations! Exubrance! Euphoria! Wow-wee!


Anonymous said...

i am finished forever on the 8th of november.. which sounds good in theory, but it means i start panicking now because running out of study time!! :P we will havta have a big weekend out once you are done cause lise will have handed in her thesis too!

luv michelle

Anonymous said...

does it feel good to know it is nearly finished? I know it did for me!!!!!

Luv Rhiannon

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!! Study hard this is the last one for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Michelle, now don't get to excited cos lisa still has an oral defense to go through (no not dentisry stuff but a huge pannel of ppl critising my thesis) JOY! I'm pretty sure that will be on the 22nd. And cara, euphoria is the only way to descibe it along with relief and a bit of 'what the f#@* do I do now?!'. I'm in geelong and am dropping off the face of the earth until nov 2. See you guys on the third!

Anonymous said...

Oh and that last one was from me, Lisa...Ha