Saturday, September 02, 2006


Today the air was warm, still and fresh.
Today, for the first time since I have been home, I opened the door to let the fresh air in.
Today I smelled summer.
It is coming. It might rain next week or in the near future but it is coming.
Today I smelled Australia.
I smelled the gum trees, the red dirt, the kangaroos, the cockatoos.

Several days ago I went to the Dentist. The waiting room is full of all kinds of posh magazines. I read an article on the current Chilean president, a single Mother of 3, a pediatrician, who was imprisioned, tortured and exiled (to Australia) after the military coup of 1973.

'Because I was a victim of hate...I've decided to dedicate my life to turning hate into understanding, tolerance and - why not say it?- love'
-Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile

'They can cut all the flowers, but they cant stop spring'
-Pablo Neruda, great Chilean poet.


claire said...

coucou Cara!
il est cool le president Chilien... :S d'ailleur ca me fais penser que moi aussi il faut que j'aille chez le dentiste!!!!
Sinon j'espere aussi que ta soirée s'est bien passée, que tu as revu un peu tout le monde que la rentré aussi. J'ai u que l'été arrivé , bien nous il est fini, c'est biento la rentrée et retourner à lyon sans vous ca va faire bizarre....
bon bisous et keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you, I have been smelling spring/summer in the air. It is warm, and sunny, and actually pleasent-how exciting for Melbourne.

Unfortunately it is now heading back into the more winter weather, rain, overcast, and not the nice warm weather :(


Love Rhiannon

Daddy said...

Hey, winter is highly under rated! In California it provides the water for the plants and makes everything grow. It also makes beautiful snow in the mountains for skiing and play. When I was a kid in LA the only time the air smelled fresh was when it rained, otherwise you could see the air. I really like winter, summer here is too hot, we do not get any rain for like 6 months of the year.

daddy said...

Is that Claire from Lyon? Say Hi for me in french!! I wish that I spoke the langague!

Cara Bradley said...

Daddy, I sent claire a message asking if she saw the comment! She will probably undertsand most of the comment you wrote!

Cara =)

claire said...

Hi Clay!!!tks for your messager! sure one day you will speak french very well and you have already learnt few words, thats a good beginning! "fromage" "vin" ;)