Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cara the Aussie Girl!

Cara the Skippy Chick!

My boxes finally arrived. One from Germany and 2 from France (sent on the first of April)...speedy hey? They contained all sorts of goodies- mainly books, postcards and souvenir ticket stubs & pamphlets for my 'non-existant but perfectly planned in my head' scrap book. You can see my Bescherelle in this photo...the French verb bible! I imported my own copy! YAY!

Good to be home! And yet....the travel bug continues to bite...where to next...after university and some decisions?


Anonymous said...

Hey you-Isnt it always exciting when you get goodies that you had forgotten about? Its fun to go through them and find all the things you wondered if you kept or decided you didnt need after all!

I hope you are finally getting some study done for uni-you need to finish that degree first so we can go travel the world together!

Love Rhiannon

Gigi said...
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Gigi said...

Gigi said...
Hi... can't believe you've truly come full circle. And, it's been one year since you were here visiting us in NJ and touring NYC with us. Wow! It's been fun reading about your travels... and a relief to see you safe and sound through it all. (Yes, just another parent-type worrying, like you need one more!!)

Hope you plan to come back. Enjoy being home again. Jeanna's back from her mini-adventure in Quebec. We're all heading back to school in one week in NJ. Keep in touch and hello to your family.
Love, Gigi

Daddy said...

So glad to hear that you got your boxes!!!! The US postal service kicks ass!!! I got mine like 2 weeeks after I got home!!!! Just joking, but my boxes did come fast!!! I have send some photo CDs by priority mail you should get them in the nest couple of days.

Love Daddy

Cara Bradley said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! The blog is still running! Rhiannon....I refuse to do more of this degree then necessary so I better get to it! Lovely to hear from you Gigi! I had the best time in NY! I really liked it there. Currently I have a freind from France studying in NYC....I am so tempted to go and visit! Hi Daddy! I'll call you soon so we can chat! Photos would be great!