Monday, September 26, 2005

Silly Stuff!

If I had money I would buy gigantic French bear lamps and post them to all my friends!

Sorry Mate! But it's $7 AUD for how much vegetmite? And in the British food section at that!

Now look atop the cactus and you shall find Cara's brown pants which fell off the 4th floor washing line and onto the roof of the 'pub resto' below.....oh the hazzards of doing laundry in Lyon. Upon trying to re-obtain 'mes pantalons' (try explaining that in French!) I was told to come back after the football match.....oh the hazzards of dealing with Europeans! hahah


Mr David said...

lol!! you=funny

Emily said...

Hi Cara!
Hmm how much are those bear lamps? They look like they'd be fun for about five minutes then you'd go...and i bought this why?

Hope your not missing Vegemite too much, those prices are criminal! If everything that expensive in France? What about general produce? Have you been to any markets?

The area looks lovely though and your apartment and friends all look very tell you got your pants back right because if someone told me to wait till after their bloody sport match...priorities people!

Take care
Love EM

Blue said...

Heh, those lamps look like giant gummi bears. They probably don't taste as good though I imagine....

Looks like you had a fun house warming despite the slight lack of space. Who needs space right? ;]

anna said...

Hey Cara !
I would have loved being at your housewarming party
It looks soo nice !

I am back from Japan again ... to cold and grey Austria ...

Uni is starting soon

have a great great time

lots of love

Anonymous said...

So much trouble to get a pair of pants back-im sure it helped to improve your french though. I hope you did manage to eventually get your pants back

Im sure the bears would eventually lose their novilty, but they just look so cute and cuddly

Luv Rhiannon