Friday, September 30, 2005

Nice is definate

I am off to Nice! My train departs Part Dieu in Lyon at 9:05am. I plan to take the number 1 bus there. I have my back pack all packed and waiting for me to walk out the door. I get to Nice at approx 1pm and the stay there 2 nights. Sunday I go o Marsaille on the way home! How fun and spontaneous! I am leaving with 4 other girls tomorrow (Natalie, Greta, Rita and Kate) and then in the evening 3 more girls (Nikki, Jane and Rachael) will meet up with us! We are planing to stay in a hotel close to the beach and the museums! It sounds great! Natalie looked for hours for this place. 18 Euros per person is pretty good. A hostel would only be acouple of Euro's less! I return on Sunday at midnight and will possibly be picking up Vanja and Nina (Aussie/Crotian twins touring Europe) who may arrive at the station at the same time! Crazy!


Anonymous said...

Yay travelling already you go girl keep it up


drew martin said...

hey hey cara! i would just like to say that you type too much. damn you!! :)
well it looks like jayan is abandoning me and heading for london. so you could probably catch up with him sometime! one of you just has to swim the channel!!!!! anyway gotta be off, this massage chair is making me sleepy. did i mention i like massagie chairs?! kimochi dayo!!
take care

Mr David said...

hehehe go Drew... can you get a massage while on the internet??

Hey Cara! Hope to see photo's of Nice as soon as you get back!