Thursday, September 22, 2005

The best letter that Mum has sent me...Thank you.


I bet you can relate to this now…

Imagine arriving in a new country (English speaking- fortunately), with only $184 and eight suitcases. Only one friend, no job and no car, just an empty apartment… your daughter….and a dream.

Throughout history, intelligent, strong independent women have struck out into the world, for life or for adventure, with little but their determination and wits. Keep one eye on your back and the other on the horizion. With your beautiful smile and perserverance, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. I have complete confidence in you.

Je t'aime.



Cara Bradley said...

My Mummy loves me!

Mr David said...

aww :)

That's so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, your mum is an inspiration to all women looking to follow their dreams and yes she loves you dearly. I think i almost had a tear in my eye.


P.S: Thamks cara's mum!

kristel said...

ur mum is right tho mon ami! all of the women that are famous in history, or that are just wonderful, have all had to endure trials and tribulations to get where they are.. the more u endure the stronger u will be =) this is why i will now refer to u as cara the strong. lol
miss u heaps xox
kris =)

Anonymous said...

Cara, Hope you're having a fantastic time!! The photos suggest you are! As long as you keep remembering to 'Hang Loose' and watch out for signs that warn of Portugese Men of War Stingers!!!! Big Love, Emily