Monday, September 19, 2005

Patrimoine Day Photos:


Mr David said...

What are you eating my dear? You look lovely but cold!! what's the temperature like there?

Tell us about these places you visited! Family is leaving for Forster this week! :(


jill said...

Hi Cara-Mia !!!

Oh my gosh!! What exciting times you are having. I loved reading all about your adventures. Of course, most of them made me cry. If I could just get my hands around those guys necks!!!! Thank goodness you are being careful!!!Iam so sorry that you had to spend some days feeling sad, honey. I can't even imagine some of the encounters you must be facing. Just tredge forward and don't look back. It sounds as though things are starting to pick up a bit. The worst has passed so focus only on the present. Remeber all the loving arms that you have here and just picture all the tight hugs and lots of kisses. Your being thought of every single day. I can hardly wait to get your phone number so we can hear your voice again! Glad to hear that you were able to get some healthy food in. Now that you know a little more hopefully it will be easier to do that. I am so very proud of you Cara, you have already been more brave than I would ever be. Believe it or not you will cherrish all these memories (good and bad) for the rest of your life. Keep us all close to your heart and remember, if necessary, I'm just a plane ride away, but I'll be packing my mace spray! We all LOVE you more then words can say! Take good care of yourself so so so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Love.....Jill, Danny, Jason & Kaylen !!!

Gigi said...

Now ... that's the sightseeing girl I recall!! Looks like you're soaking up the scenery in Lyon. Enjoy. We're so glad you're back online so we can keep up with your world tour. Be sure to tell us about your apt., etc.... and how school is working out for you? and how's your french?

Blue said...

Nice photos mon ami...I especially like the through-the-window one - and those are some cool looking flowers. They almost don't look real.

Hope ya had fun at all these places.

Claire said...

Hey beautiful,

I was just thinking aboiuyt but your going to have two winters and no summer!!! Except for your little vacation in Sunny California, which doesn't count because its only really summer when you wish it was winter again!!!

I love your photo and it's seems like your spirits have lifted. Lyon looks beautiful and I really wish i was there with you. Enjoy your apartment and your independence.

See you soon