Thursday, June 30, 2005

Nandi here I come...unexpected surprise!

Hey ya! Still here and was just informed that we have to stop on our way to Hawaii due to the severe weather conditions here in Sydney! Ha! Hate to see it snowing! It's only a bit of water...must be a large bit though becasue we have to use the shorter run way and therefore need to refuel in Nandi! Where the? lol I suspect Figi?...sounds fun! "Go with the flow, roll with the times" says I! Sounds exotic...oh how exotic an airport can be! It means that the flight will be delayed by about an hour and a half and I will arive in Honolulu at 11am on Thurs instead of 9:30am. 'Oh well, it's all good!'. Cool Calm, Collected, Confident, Cara. Bye =)


Mr David said...

Nadi is spelt with a silent 'n'! who has heard of a silent n?

That's where I'm going to on my way back from Tokyo!! let me know how the airport is! :)


Blue said...

Okay...since you ordered us to comment here I am commenting! Unfortunately I don't have a blogspot and therefore no snazzy pic like Dave...heh.

I'd say sorry about the weather and delays, but seems you're taking it all well in stride. That's the spirit! Everything's an adventure.

Have fun mon ami.

Blue said...


I forgot to add there was a typo in the HRL for here you posted in your e-mail, it said 'Blogsopt' instead of 'Blogspot'.

I think others will probably figure it out but if no one's finding your Blog that's why.

Jo said...

Hey Babe,
Glad to hear eveything is going sorta ok!Im soo excited for you and hey it's just abother place that u can say that you have been.. just don't tell anyone that u didnt leave the airport!
Im sorry that i didn't come and see u before you went.. i had been called in to work unexpectedly on wed, and that was the on;y day i could come. Anyways im sure that ull have fun and miss me anyways.. :) Oh and by the way Renee who was in spain last time i talked to her said 'Hi' and 'good luck'.
Miss you already.. will chat soon!
Luvs Jo

kristel said...

hey my love,
i cant believe u were delayed! lol.. today i got a phone call at work and i thought for a second that it would be you, but then i remembered ur on the over side of the world!
i hope ur having fun..
love kris!

Anonymous said...

Fo Sheezel
My Neezel.

Random words. Who else could it be?

Anonymous said...

hey cara doesnt it get a little tiring being so sunshiney and perky all the time?

A tad on the jaded, inured and worn out side?

We all love happy cara, but i think angry raging cara needs to bare her teeth :)

Claire said...

Hey beautiful,

So even with the delay you should be in sunny Hawaii by now. I don't have to tell you how jealous i am. But I continue to be happy and excited for you and not to slide into a pit of boredom and self loathing. Nothing major is happening here. I decided to watch Oprah instead of coming to uni on time and registering for classes and now i have seriously payed for it. But Johnny Depp was on and he's very interesting and sexy and he lives in France!!!! Yay! It is your mission to track him down!!! Have a wonderful time. I miss you heaps and I'll write again soon.


Katherine said...

Wow I just logged into msn for the first time in a while, and saw someone added me to their list... hey it's cara! A going away party... on the 27th... CRAP!! Checked my email... CRAP!! Ahhh, I will never learn. Would have loved to have come, had I not been a week behind schedule.
This is such a good idea though! And what a fantastic experience it will be. I'll be checking for updates and commenting on your wacky adventures!

A bientot
It would make Mrs Goldis proud.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cara,

I just got your card. Thanks so much, I will pass it on to shelle and mon. I will give that gym pass to michelle cos I went shopping the other day and it was not fun!! but i got a few bits and pieces.

Hope you're soaking up a lot of sun wherever you are.

Missing you heaps,