Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hi from Sydney Airport!!!!

Hey everybody! I have just started my trip and am in transit as we speak! I have just flown domestically from Melbourne to Sydney (sat next to a very nice investment banker named Fraser! Hi!) After that, I took the airport bus from the domestic to the international terminal. The weather here is nasty...but I don't care becasue I am going to Hawaii! Aloah! There is free internet by my gate! How awesome! Go Australia! My flight (QF 3) to Honolulu is boarding at Gate 9! I bought head phones in the duty free shop and am SO happy that I can fall asleep to my music (dodgy headphones = ouchie ears!). LESSON: Next time remember to take Australian money even if you don't think that you will use it! I took all mine out of my wallet and had to do back flips to buy these headphones duty free!

Bye for now! A BIG thank you to everyone (Dave, Kenny, Kris + Steve, Julia, Claire, Blue plus Mum, Patrick and Gigi) for coming to see me off at the enrich my life.

Love you all, Cara =)

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Mr David said...

Wow! you've only been gone for a few hours and we already have news!! I'm glad that 'Logan' the 737 got you to Sydney Airport safely!

It's funny to think by the time I wake up tommorrow you'll still be up from today!

We were expecting a wave from the cockpit! Disappointed! hehe