Sunday, June 19, 2005

Leavin' soon!

Hi everyone! Leaving soon! Organising my going away party at the lounge, vaccines + doc appointments, silly french visa, work experience in medical imaging/radiology for June 24th 27th (I know I don't have the time but the opportunity arose and...'Cease the day!') and studying for my Immunology exam! The fact that I'm leaving isn't sinking in yet! Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited or nervous and I am just too busy! Too many things on! Suddenly I am going to end up on a beach in Hawaii and not know how I got there! Lisa from uni wrote me an email which I loved and I have included a bit here. I can't believe we have just become good friends this year. Feels like I've known her and Michelle (also from uni) for ages: "Hey crazy girl!I honestly can't believe your leaving michelle and I to deal
with our final semester without you!! And I can't believe I
won't see you for 12 months... do you know how sad that makes
me? Just know uni will not be the same without you but i do
realise this is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities
that i know you will make the most of."

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Mr David said...

I don't remember this post being here on the 19th! ;) hehehehe