Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hey everyone!

I am flying to the USA...via NZ! I am waiting for my next plane. My flight, QF25, left Melbourne at 6am so I am a bit groggy now after staying up all night to packing and organising. I am reconsidering my profession as a photographer as I am currently lugging around all my uncheckables! Camera, tripod, backup hard drive, lap top...a theifs dream...shhh! 1 hour to go...and then another 14 really. My grandparents will be at LAX and we are going to breakfast, a meal I may be sick of after having it once from Melb to Auckland ahnd now I imagine it will be served again from Auckland to LA becasue low and behold, its still breakfast time! Its sleeping time I tell you!

Whathappened before this?

More 'no sleep'! I was preparing my work for assessment. There were a lot of projects, most of which I dont think they even looked at. Thankfully, it all came to an end Tues!  After 2 hours sleep, I had my assesssment interview and therefore finished my photography course for the semester! I went home, cleaned up a bit and tried in vain to sleep. In theevening I rallied myself and went to my friend Phoebes house for a bbq and drinks. I was very tempted to sleep and stay inside out of the cold/wet weather but seeing as we planned it together, that would be a bit..terrible. The gathering was good. Phoebes house mates were there (I like them), 2 old Melb Uni friends of mine popped in and a Couch Surfer of course. I got home lateand spend Wed packing and making a lot of phone calls trying to sort out the business of life (car registration, uni registration,) and edited a photo job for a client (!yay!). I packed all night and got a chauffeur to the airport! I price matched it to a taxi- there are no other options that early, it's a bit rediculous. My chauffeur had coffee waiting for me in the carand was lovely and chatty. I found out all about the business! And then I flew out! 

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Anonymous said...

Well hello beautifull,

Look who is coming back state side after conquering a semester in photography.

How proud I am of you my little peacock!

Hope all is well,
Let me know if you feel like coming up my way this trip, if nothing else I do expect a call.

Talk to you soon,

You know who