Friday, July 11, 2008

Rocky Mountain National Park take 2

Slurpalicious Slurpee before departure

Crossing the Continental Divide! Hooray! The rivers are running different directions!

Bum to Bum elk, could it not be more perfect. The light, the time of day.....

Rocky Mountain high.

Return to Boulder! CS Host to our CS host Paul makes Thai noodles...I dreamed about Thai noodles the night before and these are literally the nooooodles of my DREAMS! So I am ecstatic!

Goodmorning Bunny
Our CS host in Boulder has the best bunny ever! The bunny which behaves like a dog! It runs up to you in the backyard! Cara loves this bunny! It's name is 'Bunny' but we nicknamed it Sabertooth, to make it seem vicious.

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