Thursday, July 24, 2008

Exploring San Fran with Niki!

Hello world!

Niki (my Aussie friend) and I are visiting San Fran!

Today, Niki and I took the BART in from Berkeley into the city. We tried to visit the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) with Michelle (road tripping companion from Denver), Caleb and Trevor (Arches buddies) but seeing as it was closed we headed along the Embarcadero to Pier 39. After checking out the sea lions (owh owh owh) we walked Fisherman's Wharf to Ghirardelli square better known as chocolateville where we split a sundae! Then it was along the cost to the Palace of Fine Arts to see the lake and beautiful sculptures made for the worlds fair. It was beautiful and then a bee somehow ended up down the back of my shirt. It decided to sting me and after a bit of a strip show the bee and stinger were removed...yay! What fun! After cheap mexican for dinner (thumbs up for the super burrito) the 22 bus took us to my cousin Ben's house. So here we are now at Ben and his wife Haiete's apartment. Their car creamy, short for creamsickle is eyeing and chasing my bracelets across the mac lap top.

Cara =)


Mr David said...

those sea lions are so fun... did you have taffy as well??

Cara Bradley said...

A severe lack of taffy...however, a severe overdose of chocolate to compensate! =)