Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Arrived in Moab!

Hello all!

Michelle and I have arrived in Moab, UT. We camped out under the stars last night, not as restful as it sounds, neither of us slept well. We were haunted by strange dreams...the desert I tell you!

Early this morning we drove from Rabbit Valley to Arches National Park. The terrain is absiolutely amazing. The geology is incredible....mind boggling....2 g's or 1....I'm a bit warm! It is pretty hot and we are pretty dead after last night.

We are about to rendez vous with 2 Couch Surfers from Denver, Trevor and Kaleb whom we met. Then its the other half of Arches and free camping in National Forest (the way to save money and be away from the RVs, the screaming children, the rules and regulations)!

Canyonlands and Salt Lake City tomorrow!

Cara =)

1 comment:

ivan plese said...

Hello you beautiful traveler!
Beautiful colours, the photo is absolutely amassing! Geting ready for your folio? :)
Here in Europe it`s already Wednesday, which makes it offical I will see you in 9 days!!!
Lots of love form Europe!
Ivan xx