Monday, June 30, 2008

So it is Day 2 in Denver!


Ryan and I awoke to our great CS hosts, Andy and Liz, making breakfast (scrambled eggs, toast and jam). We ate....yum! and then packed up and out. Out to the pool and spa in their gated community! I swam laps...the pool was cooold...but, the sun was warm seeing as Denver gets 350 days of sunshine a year....people here a spoiled I tell you! Then we ate cookies and candy from the reception/leasing office while we used the net to try and plot Road Trip Number 2. We are torn in a lot of directions! Then we drove Jenny (our van who is currently communicating with us purely through non stop dinging and clicking via her door ajar light and cute little infuriating noise) to downtown Denver where we met up with other CouchSurfers to participate in a FREEZE (check it out or on's awesome)! At 3pm in the 16th Street Mall we all froze. We then walked back to Capitol Park and chatted about our feat. Now it is internet at the library (more plotting and scheming) and then I think Brazilian food for dinner with CSers!

The future is still uncertain,

Cara =)

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WHS CLASS 1998 said...

Liz and I are very excited to read that you had a great stay and that Denver treated you so well.

We wish you safe travels on your voyage across the states.

Let us know when you reach your final destination [we will be keeping tabs on your trip on 'yer blog as well.]

Andy + Liz
Colorado CSers