Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 19- Cody, Wyoming

Our Couch Surfing host Pat took us horse ridding with her niece!

Cowgirls out for our ride at Heart Moutain Trail, WY.
Laure on Oscar, Cara on Butthead and Laura on Bud.

Beautiful Bud and Moonpie.

My horse Butthead.

The view and our guide Pat!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Honey

Looks so beautiful and so much fun.

Also looks cold.

Does Butthead live up to his name? I

think I'd be afraid to get too close.

Where are you headed now?

Love my girl

Cara Bradley said...

Hi Noners!

It was beautiful, this is a beautful part of the States!

It was cold. Butthead was a good horse, we had a nice ride! Next we are off to SD!

Meme =)

Daddy said...

So nice to talk to you. The cabin sounds great! I hope that you have a long and relaxing vist.

Mlle crombe said...

ouahhhhh super cool les photos!!!
We are in Montreal for few hour and I miss you!
laure et fiona

Max said...

Hooray Cara! I hope to see you again.


Mark D said...

So where are you now? I am in Nevada, heading East and I see at least a few days ago you were in that general direction. Depending where you are maybe we will cross paths.