Saturday, June 23, 2007

America's top Marmott and Go Nutty Girl Go!


I am alive! I am sorry I have disappeared!.....

Cara and Tony hangin' in the city by the Bay...San Fran!

The Golden Gate Bridge and it's constant companion...the FOG! I frantically took this photo while Tony and I were driving across the bridge in his rental car!

Cara and Tony sightsee the coast near San Fran! Oh how perdy! (see the fog!)

The Wine Country! Smell the wine...taste the the wine. Taste the wine again...

Cara the nut girl! Go nut girl go! Lots and lots and a little more nut jokes to be made here!?! Are you nuts? 'They're all natural and they're made in California' was my favourite line. They're suitable for diabetics, cholesterol free, no trans fat, no hydrogenated I go on...

We found a kitty! She is so soft! She is a very vocal choc point Siamese mix, right up my Dad's alley (his last kitty was a Siamese)! Cats just love baths! Look! Doesn't she look overjoyed!

Cara's first week of classes! Chumbing it up with my fellow singers out for lunch...Mexican food...oh, we're in California now!

I have just been so busy since I made the change from southern to northern California, LA to San Fran! It's supposed to be more laid back here but I have just had so much to do! Trying to establish myself here! I didn't even call my friends in the area until today! I know...Cara, the traveling social butterfly, shunning people? It’s just not right!

So to make a very long journey/story shorter: My grandparents and I drove north from LA while my Dad drove south from San Fran and we met smack in the middle of no where! No where, more fondly called the 'Apricot tree' (it’s a restaurant whose gift shop could be described as 'charming' if one is being kind), was where the prisoner exchange took place (prisoner...who am I kidding...try rare valued family member!). My Dad and I then drove home and stopped in San Fran city to meet up with my friend Tony!

I met Tony in Madrid, Spain in May of 2006 where we traveled a bit together. Tony lives in Arizona and was pondering a trip to San Fran when I called! Hence, we rendez-vous-ed on a bustling San Fran Street corner and it didn't even seem it was odd that it didn't seem odd really! We ate dinner at the notorious ‘best cheap eats’ in San Fran (ironically, not as cheap as it should be due to its celebrity status) Chinese restaurant ‘House of Nanking’ and walked Chinatown. A few days later, Tony paid Santa Rosa (the current habitat of the Cara and her Daddy) and we did some drive by wine-ing! Sonoma County really is a beautiful place.

Tony returned from whence he came and it was Cara vs. Daddy's house! Organize, alphabetize, sanitize and make some Cara space available! Progress was made and achieved! I was prepping for my classes at the Junior College (which from now on shall be referred to at the JC...its suave! lol) by collecting my student card when I overheard a girl handing out flyers. Marmott, 'one of the best-known and respected names in outdoor clothing and equipment' if they don’t say so themselves, was looking for a fit model. So I barged in a got myself and flyer, had the girl measure me then and there, called her the next day and by the end of the day I had gotten paid for standing around looking pretty in a quality outdoorsy kind of way! Really boosts your self esteem I tell ya to have people stand around telling you how fabulous you look, in the clothes which they designed of course! So now I am the new medium size fit model for Marmott!

The same day as the Marmott flyer incident, I was walking through Costco (aka: store that sells giant warehouse size everything and if not the origin, then a contributing factor of obersity(?). That's right folks, you can pick up a handy 5L jar of mayonnaise, 36 rolls of toilet paper, throw in 2 pound box of cereal and a crate of fruit to snack on. So, in Costco I walked past a nut stand and the guy asked me if I was from the area. I lied and said no, because that’s what you do to protect yourself from mass murders in the USA…just say no! And then before you knew it I was employed for Friday and the weekend selling nuts! Long hours but ok money and a small amount of novel fun. On that same day I got a secret shopper job! So here here to random work 3 jobs in 2 days!

And this week I started classes...and it is there that I’ll leave you since you must be tired of reading by now...if you have made it thus far! xxx to you all!


Mr David said...

wo..... that's a lot of information! I'm studying for an exam so I'll comment properly after wednesday! :)

Good to hear that you're ok! Saw Pirates 3 today, did Danny work on that one? They have set it up for a 4th film. The pirates series will end up being longer than police academy....

Apps said...

Hey cara!!
I can just imagine the fun you couldve had selling nuts! what a crackup HEY WHAT IS A SECRET SHOPPER?!?!
I WAS going to Fiji and now i have pneumonia i had to cancel boo hoo hoo so no overseas adventures for me any time soon now
THANKS FOR THE BLOG keep em coming :-D