Sunday, July 23, 2006

Moorea and Melbourne!

Hi everyone! I am home! I have reurned to Melbourne once again!

Moorea was great. We stayed in nice hotel huts on the beach of the Black Pearl Resort. Very posh. I then made my way back to Papette on the island of Tahiti to fly out for Melbourne. Between very bad airplane food and long delays in Sydney as the planes were coming from Melbourne frozen (urg,cold!) I was glad to get home eventually. I am organising myslef for uni and cleaning my still disasterously dishevelled room! Coming home party....or Reutrn to reality party soon!
Cara =)


Daddy said...

Welcome home! I am glad that you are safe and home. It was wonderful to talk to you on the phone. Good luck with school, I hope that you find another class.


Aidan said...

Welcome home Cara!!!!! We missed you!!!


Chris said...

Hello there!

Know that feeling! I got back last night from London after being in France for 2.5 weeks, and Ireland six months before that!

I wonder how many of us have these things... just saw Kristel's thanks to your link! Bumped into Ruth Parker at the airport... same flight home as me from London... so weird!

Seems like you've been having a blast!



Anonymous said...

08/19/2006 Working with the kiddies this weekend are you? Let me know when is a good time to call you.

Love Daddy