Saturday, July 15, 2006

Island hopping in Tahiti!

This is our last day in Bora Bora. The last couple of days have been slow, lazy and lovely. I went to the Hieva festivities which basically celebrates July (why not celebrate the whole month right?). Bora Bora is known throughout Tahiti to have the most beautiful Hieva celebrations. I saw dancing and singing. It was wonderful and similar to other Polynesian dances...the Hula in Hawaii and Haka in New Zealand....only this was local people performing for themsleves as much as everyone else. All other performances that I have seen have been just that, a performance, a show. I dont know how they can hula for 2 hours straight! Went to Club Med yesterday. Took a boat trip out and went snorkling...the water was incredibly clear and that perfect blue colour!

Tomorrow the gang is off to Moorea. I think everyone is excited for a change....Bora Bora seemed a bit small to contain everyone. Moorea should promise many things to do. We will be staying at a dreamy 5 star resort apparently...what more could you ask for in paradise?


Cara Bradley said...

Hi from Tahiti!!!! xxxx

Daddy said...

You are such a lucky young woman! It sounds so pretty! I hope that you are not getting too much sun. The water must be very clear and blue. I would like to see the Great Barrier Reef sonetime.

Love Daddy

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised you left your tickets at home-3 weeks in Thailand with you and nothing surprises me.

Sounds like it is just a little different to what you have been staying in for the last year-oh to have some luxury when travelling.

Hope you are relaxing and soaking up some sun, and not doing the mad woman thing you are so good at.

It is so cold here-it was raining and miserable all day today-not happy, bring on some warmth!!

Love to see some pictures.

Luv Rhiannon

Mr David said...

5 star hey?? geez it's alright for some! Enjoy the sun, there's not much here at the moment!

Jack brought Rach a snowboard back from Canada, so we are going to go learn..... well Rachel is, I dunno whether I'm 'balanced' enough! :)

Anonymous said...

You lucky girl!! your ging to want to jump on the first plane back there when you hit melb. its so cold and a little gloomy. bring back some sunshine for me :)

your cousin said...

It sound so amazing there. Reading your blog your so descriptive that I can almost see it. I would love to go there someday. As to coming in August I hope I can still make it some plans have been changed since. I tell you about later. I called your house last week and apparently you had left about ten minutes before I phoned...sorry I hadn't called sooner but ohh well I'll catch you when you get back home...

much luv,