Monday, June 12, 2006

Thai photos!

It took ages to download these photos so I demand that you ENJOY! Here is Rhainnon and I today in Ayuthaya which is north of Bangkok. We visited Khmer temple was fantastic. They are beutiful! It was scorching HOT all everyday really! We like these photos becasue we don't look too moist and sticky....we dont have that many pictures of oursleves for that very reason! We look too shiny and I keep saying...'oh, there another one to print out in balck and white!' (can't see the shine and all). Lots of love to everyone. We are safe, happy and of course sweating our asses off!


Anonymous said...

Sweet photo's you two... Hope you are both enjoying Thailand. I had a ball when I was their! Don't for get to see the Tigers!


cousin said...

Looks like your having fun. The pictures are adorable hope to see more. Well from what I remember you telling me I believe your going to be back in Melbourne on the 29th. Let me know. Would like to be able to phone you when you get back.

Much Love Always,

Mr David said...

haha shiny... good ole black and white, what a great invention.

I didn't realise there were Khmer temples in Thailand..... that's a bonus because Becc's photos of the Khmer temples in Cambodia were amazing!

Daddy said...

The picture of you by the tree? It looks like there is a face in the tree? I am seeing things?


Claire la petite francaise said...

Coucou Cara! ca y est ton tour du monde est bientot fini... et comme on peut le voir dans ton blog tu en as bien profité!!!! j'espere que tu vas bien, que tout se passe bien! Nous c'est cool a aprt que tout le monde commence à partir... Sebastian il y a 3semaines, Andrew mercredi... ca va faire drole la prochain il ny aura plus personne, maus heureusement il reste les mails... bon ben voila cest tout!mes parents et moi on te fait des gros bisous et à bientot!

( Clay, i see the same thing dont worry ;) )

Elaine said...

From Rhiannon's Mum, you 2 are having ball which is great. Did Cara do something special for Rhiannon's 22nd birthday? Rhiannon will be preferring the heat rather than the freezing temps we are having down in Oz, well below 10 degrees c

love Mum