Friday, June 02, 2006

En route to Thailand!

Hey! Am in the London Heathrow airport on my way to Thailand. My flight, BA 009 leaves for Thailand at 22:00! Rhiannon and I are meeting at Siam Square tomorrow...I have looked it up on maps and it seems easy to get to by public transport! Love you all and see you soon! Cara is sad to leave Europe!


Daddy said...

Have a safe flight and be careful in Thailand. I am glad that your friend is there to meet you. Take a lot of photos and leave only footprints!


Mr David said...

All you need to learn is:
this please
thank you
1, 2, 3

and you'll be fine! oh yeah, it'll be super cheap after europe!

Becc Hof said...

Hey Cara! Two tips for you - Taxi drivers in Bangkok have no idea where they're going but they will tell you they do, and don't catch a tuk tuk unless you want to be coughing up smog for the next 50 years - skytrain is the way to go baby! Have fun and spend all your left over dollars at the MBK shopping mall =)