Thursday, June 01, 2006

Last stop before Thailand.....

Hello! Since the 24th of May I have been staying with my cousin Carola and her family in Bad Schönborn which is just south of Heidleberg. They are so nice and I am having a really nice and easy, stress free, relaxing time here! Watching movies, eating yummy home cooked food and here is what I have been up to in photos....these are all of my time Heidleberg. I went with Aniela (Carol's daughter) to Heidelberg for the day and met up with my frend Sam who is on exchange from Melb uni too! We were friends in Melbourne and thought we might meet up so it was pretty trippy to have it finally happen just a bit before I flew out!

The order is all mixed up:

Sam had a dinner party and I was invited!

Aniela and I eating ice cream at her favourite spot in Heidelberg! They have really good ice cream here!

Cara and the castle! Heidelberg Castle of course!

The Castle and fireworks....I think this is one of my favourite photos so far! The castel is so beautiful!

Sam, Cara and more ice cream! So YUMMY! Now how happy do we look about that!


Mr David said...

glad to hear you are having a great time still! I'm jealous of you going to Thailand! That will be awesome!
Look, I'm Marvin!

Daddy said...

You REALLY look like your are enjoying that ice cream. Have a safe flight to Thailand. When are you going to meet up with Rhianna.