Friday, April 30, 2010

A petit voyage to Sydney...

Last weekend, Patrick's company needed someone to help drive to Sydney...and who more qualified and experienced then I...and had extra time? So Alex (Promotions Director) and I drove the ~11 hours to Sydney alternating driving.

The Land Rover, that we affectionately called Beast, that took us to loud, so wide.

Ahoy from atop the Holbrook submarine- 390km inland of course the place for a submarine.

The computer stall all set up and looking good. Keith the owner on the left, Alex on the right.

I took the train to North Sydney to my CS host' house. I told where the spare key was so I could get in but I arrived to find the house alive. There were 3 other surfers staying and oh what fun we had. There was Hanna (Germany), Alissa and Laure (France). We chatted and then Mark arrived with 2 friends and he made healthy leftovers for dinner. After that we listened to music, played cards, did yoga dancing with feather know, all the normal stuff.

We played spoons, one of my favourites!

The skyscrapers of Sydney as seen from Mark's balcony! He had a great view!

The benefits of the balcony abound! Morning visitors eating sunflower seeds out of my hand!

I met up with my friend Sam who is doing Med in Sydney and we wandered the city. He took me to the rocks and the Observatory which had great views of the Harbor Bridge.

It was a lovely day! Still so warm in Sydney.

After the Rocks Sam and I walked back to the CBD to the Park and met up with Couch Surfers. It started off as a few and then more and more came until we had a picnic party! I left the party to get my suitcase and head to the airport, it was hard to leave my old and new friends!

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