Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New phone

My friends will be much relieved to know I have a new phone (the last worked...some of the time) and not just any new phone. I am a lucky girl...I have an iphone....

I had to YouTube how to put in the SIM card....oh the joys if technology. I need one piece of technology to tell me how to use the other.

My favourite line of the Info Guide is the following warning:
"Do not drop, disassemble, open, crush, bend, deform, puncture, shred, microwave, incinerate, paint or insert foreign objects into iPhone"...what a pity. And I wanted to make a smoothie out of mine! They wonder why people don't waste more time reading manuals?

Another of my favourites is:
Turn off iPhone when in any area with a potentially explosive atmosphere....I try to avoid those atmospheres mostly, but I'll keep it in mind.

PS. Mine does not look like this...I was looking for an interesting picture and though this one was pretty impressive! "Look ma! Inside Out!"

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