Thursday, March 25, 2010

how have you been?

Someone asked me: how have you been?

I am good....toooo many things going on and yet nothing all at the same time!
Job hunting and applying in multiple fields (that could keep you busy forever),
Working in retail,
Reconnect with old friends,
Making new friends in Melb,
Planning a weekend away,
Staying literate at the library
Organizing my photos,
Enquiring about artistic collaboration,
Awaiting and participating in the making of my website.
Understand my back through a new class, method, therapy, bath,
Working on the odd occasion for my Mum's chocolate shop,
Volunteering with kids,
Volunteering with Public health,
Searching for experience in public health,
Staying in touch with the USA, grandma is being neglected
Getting new glasses,
Seeing exhibitions in Melbourne,
New dentist, new problems AND
Old dentist, old problems
(yes, both simultaneously)
....and trying to see some comedy shows...

Note: I took out all the sentences above stating with Trying....wasn't good for morale! Action words are the way to go!

So how have I been?
busy, occupied, bored, stressed, happy, depressed, grateful, ungrateful, lonely, overwhelmed....I could go on...


Daddy said...

I can relate to all of that. I think that many people are going through the same things. We are not as isolated as we think. Daddy

BonjourCara said...

There are just too many things going on in our fast paced technology lives....Im going to slow it down and go live in a cave two days a week...