Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CouchSurfers + Chocolate = good time

What time is it? Chocolate time!

followed by dinner time =)

After meeting acouple of CouchSurfers recently and seeing the looks awe and desire when I mentioned my that Mum owns a chocolate store, I made an event on CouchSurfing for people to come and visit Hahndorf's Fine Chocolates in Black Rock. As it neared closer to Sunday, I checked the even page. It listed 7 people as coming. I thought a few might not show and so it would leave us with approximately 5 people. Oh, how wrong I was. 10 CSers arrived at Sandringham station, another 2 were already there drinking their first beverage. 2 more showed up after...there were about 16 of us in total! My Mother was just overjoyed to be working a Sunday afternoon in place of one of her staff and have a table of 16 orders. I had to ask her 'Do you still love me?'. 'No', she replied, in a rather unconvincely but 'how could you do this to me' kind of way. After wonderful chocolates we walked down to the beach for a swim. With summer sinking away into the depth of time, the water is getting cooler, but in I went all the same. People slowly had to leave until it was pizza (or Australian bruschetta we decided for the 2 Italian ladies begged to differ) for 8 in Parkdale! A great day!

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