Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fired! Lovely!

So due to my last post I was FIRED! Hooray!

Let go, discharged, dismissed, not invited to return...whatever you want to all it. So now I am 'not engaged in a gainful occupation' even though I did my job adequately, perfectly and to the best of my abaility. Even though I am qualified, have an abundance of relevant experience and they need staff at the moment during a busy period. Thank you Corperate America!

The Convention Center gets flagged any time it's name is mentioned anywhere on the internet (hi guys! how's your day?) and while Naomi had cleared me working with everyone, someone didn't get the memo and had a problem with it. So beacuse we are not technically realted by blood and didn't grow up together beacuse I moved to Australia, but call eacother cousins and are trying to spend some time together, I can't work 'below' her. Not that I saw her much or she could favour me in any favourbale can someone be when you are filling butter and making ice water?

So yesterday I slept in and did ranodm handy woman work for Mike next door (let's see if he'll fire me too now?) and was invited out by Jason, a couchsurfer who went to Bainbridge Island. He has recently moved to Seattle and is interested in exploring. We went for tea at the Wallingford Tea Rooms (now look there, they have just been flagged) and I has tea jitters by the time we left. No seriously, I was drunk on White Nettle, Pink Chai and Black tea with smoke and sherry flavours. To fix that we ate falafels and then went to Jason's local bar and played pool. I really enjoyed hanging out and forgetting that I am awaiting for grapes now with no employment. I guess it's no big deal.

I have organised a CS Hike for tomorrow to Kendalls Katwalk souwth east of Seattle! =) Who needs Convention Centers, work and money!?! wtf?


Brooke said...

Wow! Sorry to hear about you getting fired over complete bullsh*t! I hope the grapes ripen soon for you! Enjoy your hike!

jansebay said...

THAT is one of the strangest things I have ever heard!
Call Nonie! I love you, Mum!