Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 11- Kauai!

We are on the Island of Kauai staying on Poipu beach!

The house is on the beach and at this time of the year its the rougher side of the island so the waves are crashing. Kauai is smaller and quainter which is nice change from the traffic, people and military personnel of Oahu.

Photos soon! xx

PS. Oh by the way, I've placed all my flights on hold (airlines use the word 'cancelled' but that's a little too scary for me) and I'm deferring my course at RMIT for a year. The new plan: Kauai, Oahu, LA, Santa Rosa, possibly a CS Road Trip to Portland and then onto Echo for the grape harvest, to live on a river and slow down. Back in Oz in Oct/Nov to get a job and, yeah, I want to settle down, in a minute...=) 


Mr David said...

thanks for the message, you ARE crazy! Although I wasn't really expecting you to come back on schedule! :)

Cara Bradley said...

You werent expecting me to come back in schedule! How wude *mock angry chin lift*! Wish I could have surprised you on that one...but no...=) x