Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 8: North Shore drive

A rock with a hole with a rock...when you're the photographer you're never in the photos so you have to take what you can get!

Who loves shrimp!?! What about monster shrimp! 
This is the shrimp's revenge perhaps? Patrick and I shared fresh Butter Garlic ship and they were so yummy! 

The day: Up, pancakes made by Danny (with pineapple, coconut syrup and fresh grated coconut procured by Jason), to the 'secret/local' beach to snorkel with turtles (you touch them, its a $5,000USD fine, they touch you...what I ask? I was touched, several times!), pit stop at the mansion, to Waimea Bay (which I have affectionately named 'the bath tub' because the sand slopes into the water and then the bottom is flat and perfect) for swimming. After that we went home, washed the salt off and Jan, Pat and I headed off to drive around the North and East coasts of the island. The pali or cliffs were beautiful, green covered in vegetation. We saw lots of locals and less tourists (a relief, Oahu is so busy!), a sizable Mormon temple, a polynesian style McDonalds (bizzare). Stopped for shrimp on the way back. Photographed yet another beautiful sunset, chatted to a couple making a fire on the beach (yet more military personal- a deep sea diver station here for 10 years). Tacos for dinner, played Phase 10 cards with the adults and now....up WAY to LATE! GOODNIGHT! =) xxx 

PS. Hawaiian party supplies, From our island to yours.

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