Thursday, January 15, 2009

Departure Preparations in full swing!

I am coming back to Australia! Yes, Yes, it true!

I will arrive on Feb 5th, 2009 to prepare and start my BA at RMIT.

In the meantime I am finding out all these random things about....Baggage for example...

Did you know that American airlines ships...
Antlers- Must be as free of residue as possible. The skull must be wrapped and tips protected....? eww
Archery- One bow, one quiver, arrows and maintenance kit
Hangliders- One hanglider
Oars- One pair of oars...really, you need those honey?
Javelin- One javelin
Pole Vault- Not accepted...note to self: do not take up this sport with the aim of combining it with travel

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Another terrific accomplishment for you --your acceptance into the RMIT
program you wanted- I'm going to be sure everyone knows I am your
relative- maybe some of your talents will rub off on me--- haha - I
think Northern California's loss will be Melbournes' gain--- and I know
your Mom and Patrick must be grinning from ear to ear that you'll you'll
be coming 'home'...please keep us all up to date on your blog regarding
this new sure you are very busy- I won't keep you
long----want to wish you Bon Voyage and Bonne Chance in
Melbourne....keep on having fun while you are succeeding in new and
exciting experiences-----lots of love, "Auntie" Pat