Monday, January 26, 2009

-a-day-in-the-life- Sun, Jan 26th

AWoken by phones ringing-Hilary and BLaze on the couch sleepin'-read bOOk in bed- Paul awakes-conversations re:flight change- tears&drama-fall asleep again-getting up the second time so hard-Paul provides HOney nut Cheeros- bye Paul, off to nephew Johnathan's Christening-Cara does all dishes on Paul's request and cleans muck sludge off the counter, resentment- Hilary and chat- Hil and I drive her red jellybean to thrift shop for treasures-Cara finds Esher-awesome- Hilary finds Nike green shorts and Holister top- she's estatic, spreading the joy of cheap recycling shopping for students-home-snacky lunch wth Hil of leftover frutata a la Cara and humus with rice crakers-Hil drops me at Penny's we chat about relationships, I feel very old and experienced in comparison to Hil and her first boyfriend-make cake while Penny makes her famous rice, spinich and feta pies-to Dad's house to get pie pan-he looks awful, feels awful-cook-hear from Paul-deliver pie to Dad-try convince him to go to Kyserbut to no avail-return to Penny's, she's excited about the cake-tastes great-Panny drops me home-clean house like crazy including organizing papers-eat cake- organize photos for entry to student show- organize-bed =0


ivan plese said...

Hey Cara,
This is one of your best posts ever ..:) very Cara-like.
take care,

Anonymous said...

LOL.. cara u nutter..
here is a day in the life of kristel

wake up at 5 by ollie my kitten. feed him, carry him around the house while i get dressed and eat before work. kiss steve goodbye, out the door at 6am drive an hour to the city.. work.. premmie baby forgets to breathe.. BREATHE DAMMIT!! turns blue.. needs lots of oxygen, hit emeregency button, lots of ppl come running.. baby starts breathing again. finish work at 3.30. drive home, home at 430. cuddles with ollie. steve comes home, make tea together, and tidy the house. feed cats. eat tea, ollie trying to eat our food. lock ollie in his room. dishes. go visit my mum and dad (experiencing empty nest syndrom) go to steves mum and dads. go home make scones talk to kylie on the phone. ollie takes off with a scone in his mouth. chase him around the house. put on a load of washing. write up grocery shopping list. hang out washing. watch family guy. read my book, look at the clock.. crap its after 11, bed time.. and do it all again the next day.. lol

lol.. still coming home soon??