Friday, November 07, 2008

Cara's update

Hello Aussie and International friends!

I wanted to write to say Hello and give you an update on where in the world Cara Bradley is!

I am living in California in the town where my Dad lives an hour north of San Fran. I did a big road trip of the Western USA over summer and returned to study at a great college here during the Fall semester. I am pursuing studies in Photography and Art with great teachers for very little money. I am loving the change of disciplines…very different to Microbiology.

I am working casually doing all sorts of things but just in little bits. I am no longer living with my Dad which is much better for our relationship but I visit often. I live 5 blocks from the college with my boyfriend Paul, his/our room mate Brian and my betta fish, the Colonel. Brian is an avid gardener and the front had just been planted for Fall- chard, kale, radishes, bok choy, radiccio, lettuces and lots of garlic and onions (we have contacts at a farm specializing in garlic).

I started a group to unite local Couch Surfers here (for those of you who don’t know: ) and we have just hit over 100 members. I am enjoying connecting, organizing and inspiring people as well as meeting travelers. We just had 2 New Yorkers gals on our couch for 2 nights and last week a group of us went into San Fran to socialize with some of the city mice. I was sad to see them go this afternoon.

When will I see you?
The question my poor Mother would like answered! Oz is so far away and I don’t feel I can jump on a plane unless I’m coming home and staying home. No cheap flights! I have applied for Photography and Fashion courses in Melbourne and will have phone interviews soon (fingers crossed that I get an interview for photography after they see my portfolio). If I get in I guess I will be back next year although I might defer depending on what I am learning here and my relationships.

I can imagine Australian spring, summer and Christmas though and I want to be there…but don’t know where I fit in there right now nor how I would make my life there.

So I’ll keep you posted. But I love you and miss you all! Enjoy Oz or Europe for me…can’t wait for a coming home party!


PS. My blog is still up and running! Visit to see awesome pics of American Halloween!

PPS. For those of you who don’t know the timeline:
May ‘07- arrive in the USA (visit relatives, study)
Aug ‘07- backpacked and Couch Surf Alaska, Canada and Europe
Xmas ‘07- Back with family in LA
Jan ‘08- Spring semester at SRJC- photography, journalism, singing, fashion
Summer ‘08- CS Road Trip around Western USA
Fall ’08- Fall semester at SRJC- photography, art, yoga, improvisation

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