Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just to check in...

Classes going well...

Advanced film photography portfolio of 12 images is coming along. I am photographing my Dad's house thus far. I keep borrow more and more equipment from the JC. I have my application in for a place at RMIT University in Melbourne.

Photoshop is crazy busy. I'm not sure my brain as capable of remembering how to do as much as the program is capable of.

Swimming is purely for the exercise.

Yoga is wonderful. The instructor is amazing and I am enjoying connecting with others and the unique way every week is different.

Improvisation and Movement- I am enjoying getting in touch with my 'movement' side

Digital Photography- After my horrible experience with my silk screening teacher from hell, I have dropped that class and am now doing a digital photography class which is wonderful and ties in very well with my subjects!

In other news:

-Fall is here. That days aren't cool all the time but cooler weather is approaching.

-Friday is Halloween so everyone is talking about costumes. People are decorating their houses too. I have seen several cocooned in spider webs.

-The election is coming up so the propaganda is flying as are the leaflets. I don't think I will ever fully understand the American voting system. Democracy made extremely complicated.

Michelle my Couch Surfing partner in crime left for her journey home to Canada! So sad! We'll miss you! =)

Tonight I have co-ordinated Couch Surfers from my group out here in Santa Rosa (SCCS) to attend the weekly meeting of San Fran Couch Surfers at the underground aka Coffee Bar! So yee haw, should be fun after all this organizing!!!


Daddy said...

I hope that the people who show up for the surfing are not covert or from the real underground!

See you in Yoga!

Julia Knudsen said...

I was just about to get on and tell you it was time for an update, but you beat me to it. Good to hear your classes are going well and that you are having some fun. Sad to think you will be heading back to Australia when we haven't even been able to get together yet! We should plan something soon, before the holidays really kick in. I lost your number so I am going to have to leave up to you to call.