Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SRJC Fall Semester begins

Today is the first day of the fall semester at the JC and at 10:30am I am off to Advanced photography to see if that's the class for me. This whole week, I am going to see what I classes I want to end up doing. I have signed up for a bunch. Photography, silk screening (I'm hoping to silk screen my photos) a singing ensemble, French, swimming, Ballroom dancing...we'll see.

This is a giant dumpster! Construction work with Clay and Craig.

Bye Bye CSer Max who is on a bike tour of California!

Classy Cara tries Brian's salmon!


Brooke said...

All those classes sound so fun Cara! Especially the ballroom dancing! I wish I could take fun classes like that instead of boring ones like Financial and Accounting Report Analysis for Decision Making. Blah! :)

Julia said...

So the first week of school is over... how was it? We really should get together sometime. Maybe you could squeeze me into your schedule between some classes?